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General Series information:
Frank Stebner

Series Rankings and Website:
Teresa Nightingale *, 1-604-885-8849
* see FAQ about rankings before emailing

NOTE: Prizes not picked up at the awards ceremony will be mailed out (top 5 in each age group).

Race Information:
See individual contacts for each event

FAQ: #1 asked question!

I should have XX points, as I finished XX, XX and XX in the races. Can you correct my total?

Your points are calculated by a computer program. We use the official results data from the timing companies, so unless that has changed after the fact, your score is correct. For series scoring, age is calculated as of the date of the last race in the series. So, if someone is 24 on race day but will be 25 by the end of the series, they will be scored according to their position in the 25-29 category, not the 20-24 category (different from race results). This often causes series placing to be different from race day placing. Another example: You get a second place medal in the race but score as third in the series; this means someone faster than you was in the category below yours, but they'll be in your category by the end of the series, so they get scored in your category.

#2 asked question:

Why did I only get X more points from the latest race? I placed XX and should have got XX points!

Don't forget, only your BEST 5 SCORES count towards your total. So if you've already done 5 or more races, the points from your next race can only REPLACE your 5th best score (if better). The change in your total will be the difference between your new score and your previous 5th best score.

#3 asked question:

When will the rankings be updated after race #XX?

Once we receive the data file for the event, the rankings will be updated within a few days. If they're not updated it means WE DON'T HAVE THE DATA FILE. Each race director should remind their timers to send the file, but it's easy to get busy and forget, or assume the timer will remember to do it 'as usual' but the timer doesn't think of it. Emailing us about it will not speed things up. But emailing the race director might.

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